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Diapers closeouts

Our diaper closeout division specializes in Diapers Excess merchandise ,Diapers closeouts  ,Diapers overstock  ,Diapers Surplus  ,Diapers Liquidations,Diapers liquidators ,Diapers customer returns  ,Diapers buyers  ,Diapers dealers  ,Diapers exporters  ,Diapers wholesalers  ,Diapers off price  ,Diapers surplus  ,Diapers merchandise  ,Diapers bulk  ,Diapers clearance ,Diapers discount  ,Diapers wholesale  , Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, diaper closeouts

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Genuine Pampers Diapers
pampers diapers
Please click here for Pampers details

Click here to see Huggies diapers
Genuine Huggies at closeout prices

Pampers Baby Dry Size 2 Diapers, 222 Count

Huggies Step 4 Diapers, 168 Count

Luvs Size 1 Diapers - 264 Count

  • We are the home of "MADE IN THE USA" new baby diapers at low closeout prices. 
  • We specialize in exporting 20' and 40' containers to the port of your choice !

We can ship to the port of your choice and help you with all the paperwork.

Mix sizes and brands to fit your needs.We have the most desirable baby sizes...

 The retail packs come in attractive picture packaging as shown below (except size small which comes in see thru plactic with no picture or description).


1. Soft, Cloth-Like Cover

2. Stay Dry Bottom Barrier, keeps moisture away
from baby's skin

3. No Leak Inner Cuffs and comfortable outer leg
gathers for proper fit and additional leakage

4. Absorbent core that quickly pulls wetness into
carefully positioned moisture pockets

5. Non-Stretch Waist Bands

6. Stretch Waist Band

7. Vibrant Cartoon Frontal tape with hook and loop fasteners

8. Proudly made in the USA by American workers

9. Our diapers are not imported from China

10. MOST IMPORTANT: Very low 12.9 cents per diaper price - All sizes

You will be very happy with the first quality diapers.
Order today for big profits.

Closeout Buyers
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We will assist you in merchandising options, graphic bag requirements and special packaging needs.We will work with you to determine how best way to bring the private label diaper program to your stores successfully.This way you can market your own brand  and be unique in the market place.
You will reap the rewards of brand ownership and of a distinct identity.You will be able to copyright and trademark your distinctive brand and pictures.


We will work closely with you to complete a private diaper branding program, so that your requirements are met and that you are happy with the outcome.
We will charge you ONLY the actual costs incurred for the designing and manufacturing of the diaper bags. Your cost is only $10,000. for our professional consultation services.

Please note: This $10,000. service charge is due, even if you change your mind and decide later not to complete the private diaper branding program for what ever reason. 

Kindly understand that our time and special attention to your private branding project is not free.....
Sorry no exceptions.


With our extensive contacts, AAA Closeout liquidators  will make certain that your private label program is on it's way to success. 
Our committed staff is here to help you every step of the way working diligently for your success and with the goal of increase your sales. We want you to be successful and make lots of money in the profitable diaper business.


We work directly with the designer to assist you along the design process by providing the following:

  • Graphic PDF pictures for your approval
  • Printing specifications
  • Technical proofing

Once an initial draft is created, it is provided to us as a PDF file at which time we will make sure the technical information is in accordance with your needs. 

 We will then submit it to you for your approval. Any and all changes will be made, before the final design is sent to our printer. Before going to press our printer will provide the designer or you with a printed proof for final approval.


It is our goal to ensure that your branded diapers are in stores when needed. We will work together to determine an initial forecast each year. Periodically, as productions are being scheduled, we will confirm your replenishment needs and make adjustments accordingly. Together we will make sure that your private branding needs are fulfilled.



dollar store closeouts


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DIAPERS MADE IN THE USA and DIAPERS MADE IN CHINA?.................................................................................. 

Some Chinese products have been found to contain lead and can cause serious health problems for children. 

Why risk buying diapers made in China? 

Why risk shipping unsafe diapers and possibly having your shipment confiscated by the country that you are shipping to? 

Most Chinese products are fine and lead free, but why take chances with the health of children ! When you have a choice, it makes sense to buy American made diapers when ever possible. 

Our diapers are guaranteed to be made in the USA by American workers. Buy "Made in the USA" diapers and be safe...

Click here to see a new article from the Daily Harold newspaper regarding the recall of Chinese Diaper bags due to dangerous levels of lead.

Exporter Program

Exporters are always faced with trying to find the lowest priced product  to export. We offer the lowest priced baby diapers in the United States, and all our bags are marked "Made in the USA".  THESE ARE BRAND NEW  FIRST QUALITY DIAPERS. Our export program is designed to fit your pricing and quality requirements. Order a load today and start making money on BABY  diapers in your country. You will quickly see how easy it is to make money selling USA made disposable baby diapers.

Why risk buying inferior and risky diapers made in Thailand or China??? Buy our USA made diapers and you will get diapers already selling safely in the USA for many years. We have diapers with Velcro for best customer satisfaction...


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